Free Boiler Replacement

Free Boiler replacement 1

Let’s face it there is never a good time for your boiler to breakdown and it can become quite a debacle if your whole central heating system is beyond repair. If your boiler is over 7 years old and has a more serious type of fault, such as ongoing problems with pressure that are not related to the pressure valve or if the boiler has begun constantly switching itself off, intermittent heat and hot water or any other recurring problems then there is a good chance it needs to be replaced.

We often use the analogy of what you would do with your car, if your vehicle is beyond a certain age, with faults and maintenance costs becoming more and more frequent, it’s better to bite the bullet and replace it than continue living the stressful, false economy of having constant repair work done.

Free Boiler replacement 2

We can help you replace the current boiler with an A rate Energy efficient boiler. Having an A rated appliance would help by reducing the consumption of fuels therefore resulting in reduction in emissions. Boiler and central heating system replacement is one of our most popular services, we will completely refresh your home’s central heating with new radiators, pipes and other essential parts of a new system. All of the replacement boilers we installer are brand new “A” rated combo boilers which are more efficient in every way including less maintenance, lower running costs and better overall sustainability.

The benefit of having Ecovair Energy assess if you need a boiler replacement, is that we are capable of boiler repair work and will give you an honest professional opinion as to whether or not the boiler can be repaired or if it indeed needs replaced. Many of our customers tell us that they chose us instead of other boiler replacement companies is because of our honesty and integrity.