Under Floor


Underfloor insulation can be performed in properties that have suspended timber floors. This measure is often overlooked as many homes believe they do not have the underfloor space or access to effectively install it. It’s for this reason that many companies do not offer this as an insulation measure.

We are particularly proud of our underfloor process that lets more homes take advantage of this cost-effective, energy-saving measure. We have developed a new way of preparing insulation, wrapped in a breathable membrane, we can now manufacture this into more practical rolls. Because of this innovation, we can reach depths of only 500mm whereas before a minimum space of 1 metre was required.

Ecovair Energy is an accredited, approved ECO installer and are experts in underfloor insulation. We use only the top graded materials for our underfloor insulation work.

We exclusively use Superglass Multi-Roll when conducting our Underfloor Installations:

  • – BRE Green Guide Rating of A+
  • – Fire Performance rating of A1 non-combustible – The highest possible rating.
  • – Thermal Insulation conductivity of 0.044W/mk
  • – Recycled Content – manufactured from up to 84% recycled glass.
  • – Certification – Marked to British Standard EN 13162:2012(+A1:2015).

How Do I Know If I have suspended Floors?

If your home has an underground crawlspace you are likely to be suitable, for example, if you have a number of steps up to your front door – it’s likely that you have a suspended floor. Similarly, if your home has a basement, cellar, or is built on a slope, it also has a high chance of qualifying.

Suspended timber ground floors are common in older homes – this is where the floorboards rest over the joists, which can cause them to lose a large amount of heat. Air/ventilation bricks on the exterior walls can also indicate you might qualify.


We are happy to check this for you.


The process is fairly straight forward and only take s a few hours. Our underfloor insulation comes wrapped in a breathable membrane and is installed between the joists under the floor, this allows our installers to work smarter, cleaner, and faster.


All Superglass products are non-hygroscopic, will not rot, degrade or sustain vermin and will not encourage the growth of mould, bacteria, or fungi and have a life expectancy of 40 years.


All of our underfloor installations are covered by an insurance backed 25-year guarantee


Cost and Savings

Underfloor insulation is a great way to reduce energy use, save money, and make your home warmer, more comfortable, and more valuable. Underfloor insulation can commonly cost anywhere between £300 – £1200 and could save you around 15% off your energy bills. However, as Ecosave are an approved ECO 2020 installer, you may be eligible for a grant to cover 100% of the cost as well as making significant energy bill savings!

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