Loft Insulation

If your loft isn’t insulated, or doesn’t have enough insulation, as much as 25% of heat loss escapes through the roof which tends to result in residents turning up the thermostat and paying more for their heating. It makes financial sense, therefore, to insulate your loft.

Loft installation is normally done by rolling lengths of Earth Wool between the joists and then across them. This provides an adequate barrier and prevents heat from escaping through the roof.

Benefits of Loft insulation

Loft insulation makes your home cosy and warm. It traps the heat and doesn’t let it escape, so you home stays warmer for longer. You will find your home noticeably warmer even after you have turned your heating off. You are most likely to find yourself reducing the temperature of the thermostat and saving even more money on your bill. You’ll also be reducing your carbon emissions because you are using less energy.

How is it installed?

Insulation is laid between the joists of your roof and then cross laid over to provide an efficient barrier against heat loss. Eco Target carries out insulation of the loft from scratch as well as insulating a top-up to bring the insulation up to the recommended thickness of 270mm, which is now the legal standard for all domestic properties.